Our Dual-Flavoured Tonic Collection - Franklin & Sons

The Flavour

Franklin & Sons Tonics, Mixers and Soft Drinks were first introduced in 1886, when the Franklin brothers embarked on a mission to introduce innovative taste experiences to Victorian Britain. The brothers quickly established themselves as experts in creating authentic, high quality recipes using delicious ingredients, hand-picked from around the world. An ethos which lives on in the Franklin & Sons Flavour Collection.

The Flavour Collection is a unique range of four dual-flavoured tonic waters developed alongside industry mixologists, to complement the finest spirits. Created by uniting Staffordshire spring water, the finest British sugar, Ecuadorian cinchona bark and specially sourced ingredients. The tonics are carbonated to the highest possible level, to lift even the most delicate botanicals and flavours in spirits.

Enhancing gin, as well as a variety of spirits, aperitifs and fortified wines, the Flavour Collection grants you unlimited opportunities to experiment and explore flavour when mixing with Franklin & Sons.


Our Story

Dating back to Victorian London Franklin & Sons has always had a passion for original, great tasting drinks. 130 years later their success is celebrated in today’s range, which combines the finest quality ingredients specially sourced from around the world.