Infused Sodas Collection - Franklin & Sons

Introducing Infused Sodas

Franklin & Sons deliver the highest quality by sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. Our carefully constructed recipes combine exquisite ingredients picked at their best to ensure the flavours are exceptional.

Taking inspiration from distillers and their focus on flavour infusions & expressions, Franklin & Sons has created a range of non-alcoholic flavoured sodas. Our Infused Sodas are best served chilled over ice in a tall wine glass, garnished with fresh fruit. Providing the flavour experience and sophistication of a cocktail serve for non-alcohol occasions.

All Franklin & Sons drinks use ONLY NATURAL FLAVOURS, extracts & colours and NEVER INCLUDE PRESERVATIVES OR SWEETENERS

Our Story

Dating back to Victorian London Franklin & Sons has always had a passion for original, great tasting drinks. 130 years later their success is celebrated in today’s range, which combines the finest quality ingredients specially sourced from around the world.