Cloudy Apple &
Rhubarb with

Winner of best Cold Beverage-Carbonates at the Quality Food and Drink Awards 2016, Franklin & Sons uses specially procured ingredients to provide a deliciously different taste experience.

Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Available in 275ml and 750ml bottles

Franklin & Sons cloud apple and yorkshire rhubard

Tasting Notes

Perfectly balanced tart rhubarb flavours and subtle cinnamon tones with the sweetness of apple juice to deliver uniquely refined refreshment.

Ingredients &

This apple & rhubarb drink uses expertly sourced unique ingredients to intensify the taste and quality. The rhubarb is handpicked during the height of the natural harvest in the famous Yorkshire triangle. Once it is cut, it is then frozen within 12 hours to preserve freshness and guarantee year-round supply. The juice of rhubarb is blended with cloudy apples and cinnamon to provide tastes of the orchard and riches of the allotment.

Perfectly Matches

Bacon, pear, soft blue cheese, balsamic and fennelseed salad.


Hog roast OR pulled pork with fennel coleslaw and new potatoes.


Vanilla panna cotta.