Lemonade & Elderflower - Franklin & Sons

Sicilian Lemonade &
Elderflower with Crushed



Tasting Notes

Opens with a burst of citrus, balanced with a hint of juniper which subtly and gently fades to the refreshing, floral tones of elderflower.

Ingredients &

To create this elegant twist on a classic, a selection of finest ingredients are brought together using only natural flavours, extracts and colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners. Sicilian lemons, widely regarded as the best lemons in the world are gently pressed and then blended with steeped wild English handpicked elderflower and crushed juniper.

Perfectly Matches

Duck pate with toasted wholemeal bread.


Porchetta style chicken with rosemary, tomato, and capers OR fresh herb roasted chicken.


Almond tart.