Raspberry Lemonade - Franklin & Sons

Wild Strawberry &
Raspberry and Cracked
Black Pepper



Tasting Notes

Delivers an initial burst of summer fruit which slowly softens to reveal a subtle hint of pepper which perfectly complements the sweetness of the berries.

Ingredients &

Scotland is revered the world over for its high-quality raspberry crops and the finest are chosen for each small batch production. The ‘Clova’ raspberry, naturally the sweetest and most succulent variety, is blended with wild English strawberries to create a wonderful berry mix, which is transformed by a dash of cracked black pepper. Amazing on its own for a refreshing serve or with premium vodka to create a delightful cocktail.

Perfectly Matches

Goats cheese with pickled  beetroot and salad leaves.


Pan fried chicken with pasta and lemon pesto OR grilled tuna steak with cucumber relish, New Jersey potatoes, and a balsamic jus.


White chocolate fondant.