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Franklin & Sons are proud to have been recognised for quality and taste at some of the most prestigious industry awards this year.

Great Taste
Award Winners

The Great Taste Awards are the world’s most coveted blind-tested food and drinks awards, often described as the ‘Oscars of the food and drink industry’.

Franklin & Sons premium soft drinks, tonics and mixers range is celebrating simultaneous success at the Great Taste Awards. This year Franklins’ was awarded six Great Taste Awards. Wild Strawberry & Scottish Raspberry with Cracked Black Pepper, British Dandelion & Handpicked Burdock with Star Anise, Natural Indian Tonic Water, Natural Light Tonic Water, Scottish Soda Water, and Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water, all received a prestigious star at the world’s largest quality food awards.

Joining previous winning flavours, Original Ginger Ale and Brewed Ginger Beer with Malted Barley & a Squeeze of Lemon, which won a coveted two stars, means that 80% of the Franklin & Sons range is now Great Taste awarded, with every tonic in the range boasting the respected mark of approval.

‘A very sweet fruit aroma (as of cooked fruit) but not too sweet on the palate – indeed it’s really refreshing’

Comment from the GTA judges (Strawberry & Raspberry)

‘A nostalgic taste of vintage summer holidays’

Comment from the GTA judges (Dandelion & Burdock)

“A clean, honest product with light carbonation, larger than usual bubbles and distinctive quinine tonic water taste”

Comment from the GTA judges (Natural Indian Tonic)

“Lovely dry tonic water with a unique back note that sets this drink apart from the crowd”

Comment from the GTA judges (Natural Light Tonic)

“On the palate, there is a good balance of quinine, lemon and sweetness. A very refreshing tonic water”

Comment from the GTA judges (Sicilian Lemon Tonic)

“We will never look at G&T in the same light again!”

Charlotte Temple,