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Spicy sweetness from 12 different herbs and spices is balanced by vanilla, rich Columbian coffee beans and the rose-like aromas of the African kola nut, a classic cola.
Our classic 1886 Cola also makes for the perfect mixer, and is available in 200ml with a higher carbonation level to bring out the best in the finest spirits.



Columbian coffee beans are known for their mild and well-balanced flavour, which complement the Kola nut seed’s rose aroma. Vanilla brings the classic cola flavour, combined with Staffordshire spring water and British sugar beet.

Available from Good Time In in 200ml and 275ml bottles
1886 Cola 200ml1886 Cola 275ml

Energy kj172
Energy kcal40
Fat (g)trace
Saturates (g)trace
Carbohydrates (g)10.00
Sugars (g)9.90
Protein (g)trace
Fibre (g)trace
Salt (g)trace

Ingredients: Sparkling water, sugar, ferment of water, sugar and ginger extract; BARLEY MALT extract, natural flavouring including caffeine, acid: phosphoric acid; caramel sugar syrup, natural extracts.

Franklin & Sons cola being pured into glass with ice

Tasting Notes

Spicy sweetness from over 30 different herbs and spices, balanced with vanilla and Colombian Coffee bean.

Ingredients &

Native to the tropical rainforests of Africa, the Kola nut is a caffeine-containing nut of evergreen trees with a natural rose-like sweet aroma. Colombia has a reputation as producing mild, well balanced coffee beans, perfect for blending into this unique cola recipe.

Franklin & Sons cola ingredients
Franklin & Sons cola pairing food

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