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Soda Water

A specially sourced sparkling mountain water from the Scottish Highlands. Enjoyed on its own or a perfect ingredient to assemble great cocktails.

Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Available in 200ml bottles and 150ml cans.

Franklin & Sons tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Works brilliantly in cocktails as it helps blend each element of the cocktail build. The relatively low density of the spirit poured versus the heavier carbonate poured on top produces a self-mixing combination.

Ingredients &

Our Scottish Soda Water derives from Deeside mineral water flowing from the historic springs near Balmoral Castle. This remote location in the Scottish mountains remains unspoilt to this day as an area of true wilderness, free from contamination. As a result, the water allows the best of the spirits to stand out.

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