Natural Light Tonic Water - Franklin & Sons

Natural Light
Tonic Water

The lighter variant of our award-winning Natural Indian Tonic Water, simply with less sugar, to create a crisp, lower calorie tonic water. An ideal partner to higher abv and sweeter gins.



Staffordshire spring water is used to create our Natural Light Tonic Water along with natural cinchona bark extract and a touch of British sugar beet, to create a citrussy sweet, well balanced tonic water.


Perfect Pairing

Floral and fruity gins are best suited to our Natural Light Tonic Water. The lower sugar content also lends itself to sweeter gins and fruity vodkas, creating a perfectly balanced serve.

Available in 200ml bottles and 150ml cans.
Natural Light 200mlNatural Light 150ml

Energy kj91
Energy kcal22
Fat (g)trace
Saturates (g)trace
Carbohydrates (g)4.90
Sugars (g)4.90
Protein (g)trace
Fibre (g)trace
Salt (g)trace

ingredients-sparkling spring water, fructose, acid: citric acid; natural flavours including quinine
Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives

Tasting Notes

A light crisp tonic providing great mouthfeel by accentuating the subtle bitterness of quinine with half the sugar, an ideal partner to higher abv or sweeter gins, using no artificial flavourings or sweeteners.

Ingredients &

Light version of the award-winning Natural Indian Tonic Water from Franklin & Sons. This all natural tonic utilises the same foundation of ingredients as the rest of the range and delivers it with half the sugar. This creates a classic bitter tonic that compliments more floral or citrusy gins, creating a meticulously balanced serve.