Original Ginger Ale - Franklin & Sons

Ginger Ale

Award-winning ginger ale using sparkling Staffordshire spring water, steeped ginger and natural British sugar.

Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Franklin & Sons original ginger ale with great taste award 2016

Tasting Notes

A wonderful blend of natural ginger flavours, which serve to open up whisky or enhance flavoured gins, due to its clean and light heat.

Ingredients &

Created using Staffordshire spring water blended with steeped ginger root extract and then balanced with the finest British sugar, delivering a subtle ginger warmth. It is carbonated as high as possible to provide the best possible effervescence when poured into the glass, pairing brilliantly with premium rhubarb and spiced gins. Also, this Original Ginger Ale is great for opening up whisky due to its mild ginger nature and excellent water source.

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