Original Lemonade - Franklin & Sons


An original, clear lemonade made with sparkling Staffordshire spring water and South American lemon juice, which creates a vibrant citrus mixer.

Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Available in 200ml bottles and 250ml cans.

Franklin & Sons oringinal lemonade
Franklin & Sons lemonade tasting notes

Tasting Notes

As opposed to a cloudy lemonade which is slightly tart, this original clear lemonade delivers slightly more on the sweetness. This ensures that once mixed with any premium vodka, the serve balances beautifully with the citrus essences.

Ingredients &

Original Lemonade was one of Franklin & Sons most popular flavours that were first sold during the Victorian era. Taking inspiration from the historical recipes, today’s lemonade combines smooth citrus notes with a delicate sweetness on the finish. Using gently pressed Argentinean lemons and natural British sugar beet, this product delivers brilliantly balanced lemon refreshment to the best of spirits.

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