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British Dandelion &
Burdock with Star



Franklin & Sons danelion and burdock - great taste award

Tasting Notes

A British root masterclass. Herbal tones from the star anise rise through the deep and earthy richness of the burdock root which compliments the notes of dandelion.

Ingredients &

The origins of dandelion & burdock go back to the middle ages. Originally a type of light mead consumed in the British Isles, it was believed that both plants were beneficial to healthy liver function. Over the centuries, the flavour evolved into the soft drink which is much loved all over the UK today. This award-winning soft drink uses fermented dandelions & burdock thistle root sourced from fertile grassland in Ross-on-Wye, which is then blended with steeped star anise to create an extra dimension to a classic British flavour.

Perfectly Matches

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Baked bananas with vanilla ice cream, bourbon, and salted caramel sauce.